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Our BCS-accredited Computer Science degree equips you with practical and theoretical computer science skills that are highly sought-after across a range of industries.Computer technology pervades almost every aspect of our modern lives - from the increasingly sophisticated electronic devices and software applications we use to the way we gather, store, process and analyse data. We are living in a powerful digital age with new technological advances on the horizon.Computer Science graduates with up-to-the-minute skills and abilities are therefore in high demand across a diverse range of industries. Our BSc in Computer Science course can equip you with the practical and theoretical skills needed to pursue the challenging and rewarding careers that exist in computing.This British Computer Society (BCS)-accredited course provides you with a strong foundation in the critical areas of computer science, with core modules in such areas as logic, programming and software engineering, while also giving you the opportunity to tailor the degree to your own strengths, interests and career aspirations through specialised optional modules covering areas like robotics and network security. You will conduct your own research project supervised by a member of our academic staff.You can choose to add additional value to your degree by taking the placement year option and spending a year on professional placement gaining work experience that could give you a competitive edge in the graduate jobs market.The BSc Computer Science degree will provide a thorough grounding in the critical areas of the subject and enable you to develop skills and knowledge sought by employers in diverse industries. The Masters in Science (MSci) degree provides an ideal preparation for research and development work in industry or for a PhD and is designed to create leaders in the subject area by giving in-depth experience of cutting edge research.


Computer Science


全日制 (3 年)

£25,700.00 (¥ 197,738) /年





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LE11 3TU, England



BBB (Only available to applicants who have not taken A-Level Mathematics)





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