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We train you to undertake rigorous research and analysis in economics so that you could excel in your research area and become a top economics researcher.

We have a team of internationally recognised faculty members who are actively engaged in research at the frontiers of economics knowledge.

We equip you with critical knowledge and skills to conduct rigorous psychological research.

We have a group of professors who are top scholars with international reputations. They jointly provide a diverse range of expertise in the research areas mentioned in the box above.

Our programme which emphasises interactive learning and integrative evaluation of diverse perspectives, prepares our graduates for psychology-related careers in academia and industry.

This PhD in Psychology programme equips students with doctoral-level knowledge in content areas in psychology and research methodology, with a focus on areas in experimental, social, personality and organisational psychology.

Students will learn, from both coursework and hands-on research experiences, to link psychological theory, study design, measurement, and data analysis in order to make substantive inferences and evidence-based recommendations to theory and practice that are scientifically defensible. Students in the programme have presented their work at international conferences and published their research in top journals in psychology. Graduates of the programme will be well-prepared for careers in universities, research institutes and industry.

A PhD student will typically focus on coursework in the first one to two years, followed by a Master’s thesis and the dissertation research in subsequent years.


School of Social Sciences


全日制 (4 年)

SG $87,800 Foreign student (with service obligation); SG $136,530 Foreign student (without service obligation)



19 年八月 2019


School of Social Sciences

Singapore Management University,

90 Stamford Road, Level 4,

178903, Singapore



Applicants must have completed at least a good Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree is useful but not required. Good GRE or GMAT results.


  • At least a good Bachelor’s degree. A Master’s degree is useful but not required.
  • Good GRE or GMAT results.



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